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The aromatic profile of our Nespresso Ristretto

A blend from the best plantations in Latin America and Congo, to obtain a coffee full of flavour.

Straight out of the Italian tradition, our Nespresso Ristretto combines all the values of an organic coffee full of flavour: body, intensity and bitterness.

Tasting it will give you rich and deep sensations !

Capsules Ristretto de café végétales Kabioca

A plant-based & compostable capsule, Nespresso® compatible, which respects the coffee's aromas.

Picto Torréfaction

Medium roasting
to give a smooth mouthfeel.

Grain de café Kabioca rempliGrain de café Kabioca rempliGrain de café Kabioca rempliGrain de café Kabioca rempliGrain de café Kabioca rempliGrain de café Kabioca rempliGrain de café Kabioca rempliGrain de café Kabioca rempliGrain de café Kabioca rempliGrain de café Kabioca rempliGrain de café Kabioca videGrain de café Kabioca vide

Intensity 10


The portrait of our Nespresso Ristretto

Origin: Congo for Robusta & Brazil, Honduras, Colombia and Peru for Arabica
Variety: 80% Arabica & 20% Robusta
Roasting: Medium

Does not contain GMOs, allergens or palm oil and derivatives
Organic Certified

Medium roasting

Typical of the roasting of great blends, this method releases all the aromas, to obtain a smooth and balanced coffee. The bean is medium roasted (from which it takes its name), to retain the acidic flavours while developing the bitterness.

Why Latin America?

The countries of Latin America are very sunny and have a great agricultural tradition. We found plantations at high altitudes, between 1500 and 2000 metres, perfect for harvesting the best coffees in the world.

Why Congo?

The Congolese Robusta, thanks to its smaller beans, allows us to obtain a sweeter coffee, with chocolate notes, less bitter than with more traditional Robusta beans. Unlike traditional Robusta beans, it does not produce any "burnt" notes on the palate, which results in a harmonious and rounded coffee.

The blend of Congolese Robusta, which is quite caffeinated, with Latin American Arabica, produces a flavourful but balanced coffee, with multiple notes of chocolate and nuts, and a hint of citrus acidity... ideal for a good start to the day !

Here is a coffee that is out of the ordinary and offers a very balanced intensity, a deep smoky aroma, between acidity and bitterness.

For us, a must for Ristrettos !

A word from Kabioca

Ristretto is the Italian translation for the expression " strong coffee ". The recipe of its amateurs is to limit the amount of water to reveal the aromas with intense notes.

Experience an organic coffee with a strong character !

*Quantity: 8x10 capsules or 80 Nespresso Ristretto

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