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The aromatic profile of our Decaffeinated Coffee

The refined sweetness of a 100% Arabica coffee from Mexico.

A smooth and balanced decaffeinated coffee, delicate and light. A refined sweetness obtained by slow roasting. A coffee decaffeinated using water distillation, without chemicals, in order to respect the environment... We love the Decaffeinated Coffee without chemical solvents !

picto capsule Kabioca de Decaffeinato

A plant-based & compostable capsule, Nespresso® compatible, which respects the coffee's aromas.

Picto Torréfaction

Medium roasting
to give a smooth mouthfeel.

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Intensity 7


The portrait of our Decaffeinated Coffee

Origin : Mexico
Variety: 100% Arabica
Roasting: Medium
Decaffeination: By natural method, with water without chemical solvents

Does not contain GMOs, allergens or palm oil and derivatives
Certified Organic

Decaffeination by natural methods

Natural methods simply refer to all processes that do not use chemical solvents. At Kabioca, we make our decaffeinated coffee using water distillation, without chemicals. Water decaffeination is definitely the most time-consuming method, but also the most environmentally friendly. During this technique, the green beans are immersed in water for about ten hours. As caffeine is naturally soluble in water, the water will gradually become loaded with caffeine and thus extract almost all the caffeine of the beans. The soaking water is then passed through an activated carbon filter, which allows the caffeine to be collected. The remaining water is re-injected into the bath and this circuit is repeated until the desired caffeine concentration is obtained.

Learn more about the decaffeination process

Medium Roasting

Typical of the roasting of great blends, this method releases all the aromas, to obtain a smooth and balanced coffee. The bean is medium roasted (from which it takes its name), to retain the acidic flavours while developing the bitterness.

Why Mexico ?

Mexican Arabica produces a coffee with a balanced sweetness, strong aromas of dried fruit and toasted bread and chocolate notes. Moreover, Mexicans are renowned for being the pioneers of organic coffee farming.

Here is a coffee that is out of the ordinary and offers a delicate and balanced blend, with a cacao aftertaste and a slight acidity.

For us, a must-have among decaffeinated coffees !

A word from Kabioca

Beware, decaffeinated coffee does not necessarily mean denatured coffee !
The decaffeination process only affects the caffeine content and not the taste and aroma. Similarly, all coffee varieties and origins retain their distinctive flavour.

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